Welcome to the Southern Alberta Repeater Association

The Southern Alberta Repeater Association (SARA) is a democratically run registered society. The money generated by dues, donations, and fund raising events goes to the construction and maintenance of the system. A huge job that would be impossible if not for many dedicated volunteers.

Dues are only $25.00 per year, with an optional $10.00 SARA Badge fee.

The executive and board of directors is elected at our general meeting held once a year. The executive is selected to represent the province.

The SARA System

The SARA system is a half-duplex UHF voice backbone or trunk. Think of the trunk as an open party line in that any entry on to the system carries the signal the length of the network. Connected to this "live" trunk are a number of drop repeaters, or entry points onto the system. These drop repeaters are owned either by SARA, individual clubs, or private owners. By using DTMF tones repeaters can be connected or disconnected from the trunk. By turning on the closest network repeater to you, and then turning on the repeater in the area you wish to talk to, you can communicate across the entire network. The Purpose There are a number of reasons why a system of this nature is a good idea. The system allows emergency communication throughout the province of Alberta, which can literally be a "lifesaver" in times of need. The system also provides continuous mobile coverage between major centres in the province, providing a very desirable communication medium for mobile stations. The system is open for any type of QSO. It often gets used for provincial nets, public service events and general chat.

If you would like to join SARA or would just like some information please use the "Membership" button on this site or write:

P.O. Box 1182 Edmonton Main
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2M4